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10 Truths and Myths About Design Businesses

It’s easy to make assumptions in the day-to-day of running a business. Business leaders are busy doing and don’t often have time to reflect on what is and isn’t true. Sometimes we’re deluding ourselves that a piece of software is great because we don’t want to have to accept that it’s made no impact despite a large spend. The company line may be that the client is always right, yet in reality the team are constantly bemoaning difficult clients.

In this article we highlight 10 myths common to architecture and engineering firms and reveal the truths of each of them. Some say that truth hurts, but in business the truth can open your eyes to problem areas as well as to opportunities that are being missed.


Myth: We are unique
Truth: Your offer is rarely unique! Someone out there is doing exactly what you are doing, except better!!


Myth: We will create efficiencies in our business so that we can increase our profitability
Truth: We will pass on all the efficiencies we have created by reducing our fees!


Myth: Revit and BIM enables us to work more effectively
Truth: We really don’t know if the application of BIM has improved the way we work


Myth: We are highly organised and our internal processes are second to none
Truth: We will never get to a meeting on-time unless it’s with the client!


Myth: We offer a comprehensive service across design and delivery
Truth: We will happily give up on providing a comprehensive service offering until we are reduced to be a supplier to the head contractor / builder


Myth:  We are excited about the calibre of our people
Truth: The capability of graduates is diminishing and they have to be trained on how to be an architect when they arrive


Myth: The client is always right
Truth: The client is not always right — just don’t tell them that!


Myth: Project Managers are a waste of time and money
Truth: The lack of project management training and capability in design businesses has created a whole new role on the project


Myth: It was better in the old days when we had yellow trace and drawing boards
Truth: Technology has provided design businesses with profound changes that enhance the way design businesses work


Myth: No one can ever do a task as well as I can
Truth: You can’t do everything and delegation is the key to you focusing on what you do best

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