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Business Conditions Survey

Business Conditions Survey 2014

What are the major issues facing Australian businesses in 2015?

Expect the property market, the federal budget, commodity prices and the exchange rate to drive economic performance this year. The broader Australian economy remains weak, employment continues to track well below population growth and Australian incomes will continue to suffer the effects of the sharp fall in the terms-of-trade. The federal budget is another issue that will refuse to
go away.*

Chinese growth will continue to be a major factor on our economy as will the weaker exchange rate. 2015 is likely to see okay but uneven global growth, low inflation and easy monetary conditions. While the US is likely to start gradually raising rates, other countries including Australia are likely to ease monetary policy. The main things to keep an eye on are: when/if the US Fed starts to raise rates, Europe, the Chinese property slump, and growth outside of mining in Australia.

Despite this uncertain economic outlook, the overwhelming mood amongst respondents to our Business Conditions Survey is one of optimism. A full
90% of respondents are cautiously to very optimistic that their businesses
will experience growth over the coming 12 months.

We interviewed property and design industry professionals via an online survey. All were senior executives, with 45% being business owners.
The Business Conditions Survey aims to accurately assess the prevailing economic and business climate and to drive thinking and decision making to assist businesses to work through the current circumstances and deliver sustainable growth.


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