Mangement For Design

Summer Release

Business Intelligence for the Profession

Management for Design are excited to announce the release of our new Business Intelligence tools specifically designed for Architects, Engineers and designers. Like most businesses you are probably used to seeing a variety of reports that track how your business is performing. These typically will include your profit and loss statement, balance sheet, your cash flow statements, and perhaps project specific reports.

Drawing on our extensive experience and expertise working with
professional services businesses our Business Intelligence tool allows
you to access, view and analyse your business performance at anytime
from anywhere. Not only can we provide the ability to interrogate the
information on the spot but we also forecast your business performance
into the future from any financial system.

Using our inherent Management for Design methodologies we have also developed a sophisticated Key Performance Assessment (KPA) across the critical areas of your business:

• Profitability
• Liquidity
• Resourcing
• Project Efficiency
• Business Development

that let you know quickly how you are performing.

So what’s the benefit to your business?

• No more ad-hoc spreadsheets and calculations
Information is accessed directly and available at any-time, anywhere
• Forecast where your business is heading as well as where it is now
• Graphical representation of your information rather than numbers
• Make decisions at the time
• Productivity improvements across the finance team
• Reduction in report generation and more time on business analysis and decision making.

If you are ready to move your business performance analysis to the next generation then please contact us and we will demonstrate the value it will bring to your business.

Ready to take you take your business to the next level?

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