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Winter Release

Is Your Strategic Plan Sitting in the Top Drawer?

Here are 12 reasons why strategic plans fail:

  • Not understanding the environment
  • Partial or minimal commitment
  • Too much focus and activity on the day-to-day
  • Not having the right people involved
  • Writing the plan and putting it in the top drawer
  • Unwillingness or inability to change
  • Having the wrong people in leadership positions
  • Ignoring marketplace reality, facts, and assumptions.
  • No accountability or follow through
  • No clear execution plan
  • Unrealistic goals
  • Lack of investment or resources.

And that’s not all of them! By avoiding these and other pitfalls, you can create an effective planning process, build a realistic business direction for the future, and greatly improve the chances for successful implementation of your strategy.

We have worked in strategy development and business planning for over 15 years and successful strategy is no accident. In our experience the three most critical factors are:

  • Business leaders with drive and ambition
  • Having clear actionable and measurable objectives
  • Considering execution before you startManagement for Design have developed a unique approach to strategy development and execution that if implemented effectively ensures results. At the core is a methodology and system to ensure successful execution that involves the key people in the business. If you are struggling with your business direction and can’t get the traction and results you need to improve your business then don’t sit on it! If you want to be set on new path and have the tools to make it happen please get in touch.

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