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New Resources for AED Businesses

Management for Design is proud to launch our new resources:

  1. Business Systems Selector
  2. Strategy Execution Portal
  3. Management Reporting for Architects, Engineers and Designers

Our Business Systems Selector is a unique tool that enables architects, engineers, designers, planners, and consultants to identify the 3 most suitable business systems for their business, following the input of information about their business practice, processes, and priorities. We clearly identify the strengths and weaknesses of the systems and the key attributes and fit for your business.

Our Strategy Portal is designed specifically for architects, engineers, designers, planners, and consultants to assist them with developing and executing their business. By using the Strategy Portal, Management for Design will also partner with your firm to assist you to manage and track your progress and provide you with the support you need around your strategy development.

Our Management Reporting System is designed to provide the design industry with a systematic and interactive tool that creates visually captivating management reports. This system allows you to collate all management reports in one place, with the ability to integrate it with other systems.

To find out more about these resources and request early access, contact Callum Bruce at

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