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Onsite Health Checks for Your IT Systems

Do you feel your IT systems are falling behind your business needs? Data volumes have exploded in the design, planning and engineering industries. Information in itself has become a commodity and staying in full control of your business’s information resources is essential.

Your business systems should be in sync with continuity plans. They should include cost-effective data and phone plans — an area where many businesses are overspending — and should ensure license compliance to protect your business.

Management for Design deliver IT Services to support and protect your business, ensure your IT strategy is aligned with your commercial objectives and bring savings to your bottom line.

We provide onsite checks to assess your current IT Systems in line with best practice and industry standards and include:

  1. Systems review
  2. Business continuity review
  3. Phone and Data costs review

A thorough check of your system will allow you to discover imminent risks to your systems and your business, discover opportunities for improvement in productivity, learn about the perception of IT in your organisation, and gain an indication of where your business can save money.

If you are interested in getting an IT Health Check for your business, we are offering a limited number of free and obligation-free checks, although we would be delighted if we could assist in any way to ensure the ongoing success of your IT Systems and, therefore, your business in any capacity.

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