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Autumn Release

The Power of Business Intelligence Software

Business intelligence software has become a must-have tool across all business sectors in Australia, with increasing integration into AEC firms. Taking advantage of such software provides insight into your business, providing a pathway to innovation and growth.

Following the overwhelming response to the launch of Management for Design’s business intelligence software last year, we continue to develop our intelligence toolkit to offer architecture, engineering and design firms greater levels of visibility, control and insight into their business. The ability to access
information graphically and in real-time enables our clients to analyse their business in more depth, consequently providing:

  • Faster comprehension of the numbers
  • Quicker decision making
  • Detailed views of business performance

Taking advantage of business intelligence software transforms businesses by enabling fast, interactive reporting. By applying a single approach to analysing all key performance of your business data analysis is now far more accurate and reliable than traditional methods of analysis.

Management for Design’s business intelligence software has been listed as a leader in The Magic Quadrant Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform Report for the fourth year in a row. The Report, reflects a transformational shift to modern analytics. The progression of analytics tools are continually expanding, with innovative methods to analyse business data at the forefront of development. More than ever before, our clients are demanding products that are easier to use, that require little to no IT support and, most importantly, can be easily integrated with existing systems.

At Management for Design, we strive to provide clients with a tool that offers flexibility and variety when it comes to analysing your data — helping you make the best informed decisions for your business and stay ahead in your industry. If you would like to see how our clients are utilising sophisticated business performance analysis then please contact us and we will demonstrate the value it will bring to your business.

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